General Testimonials

I received a phone call from PBC and was skeptical however I did attend their 90 min presentation and ended up drawing a furniture prize value of $1,000.00. I went to view the furniture and was very impressed with the furniture quality and will most likely be purchasing a couch set.



Oct 8, 2011


On April 23rd /11 We had our Orientation and things were very well explained and any questions   we may have had the information was very resourceful that was resend to us I would like to say thank you for Aston to taking the time to go through the website and links and for explaining to us how travel site works and booking flights for hot spots which will come in hand! Thank you.


May 10th 2011


We had our first encounter on April 16th /11 with premium buyers club to claim our prize and to see a presentation at first we were sceptical but then when we were treated with open arms and hospitality it felt very warming to be there . Everything that was presented to us during the presentation just kept being more unbelievable that something truly valuable and unique to see how much savings there was and for it to be possible was unimaginable . I would like to send thank you to especially to Jane for helping us being able to be apart of family of premium Buyers Club and to Austin as well for being such a well spoken and clarifying any questions we may have had and for presentation very well so thank you


May 10th 2011


Myron and Doreen Morris, would like to thank the friendly staff at the Premium Buyers Club at 6175 Highway #7 in Woodbridge, Ontario, for the wonderful gift. We are very thankful, and will enjoy that 42 inch television very much. It was very rewarding doing business with you. Thanks again.

Myron and Doreen Morris

March 21 2011


I became a member of Premium Buyers Club Inc. because I believe that their products are something that will be of use to me, give me the opportunity to travel and enjoy life.

Allen & Nancy E.



We became a member today because as hardworking parents of 4, that cannot afford to take the family on vacation all at once, so we heard about the program and thought it was great and affordable.

Natasha & Mudge Johnson

Dec/13/ 2008


I became a member because we can purchase airline tickets, packages at reduced prices.

Harry & Pamela Debi


So much satisfied with the prices ,Thanks.

Bridgdeo & Bidawatie Ramdewar


Everything was Great, and Quick

Hung Ly & Truc Huynh