Finance & Mortgage Testimonials

Frank and I would like to take this opportunity to say that we are glad we became members of the Premium Buyers Club. Alongside the savings, we would not have had the opportunity to meet and work with the Financial Specialist for the club. We can say that they have gone above and beyond any financial bank or institution that we have ever dealt with and offered one on one quality client care that met our specific needs.

In working with the Financial Specialist, we learned things that we were not aware of. They pulled through for us even when we thought it was not possible and made it happen! We are very impressed with how they persisted to attain what in the end was the best for us.

With the Financial Specialist there is no 9-5! They make themselves available to fit your schedule, which we found incredibly convenient.

We look forward to future savings with Premium Buyers Club.

M and F Minici March 5 2012



I just wanted to let you know that I'm really glad that my husband and I made the choice to join PBC. With all the great discounts and savings with the partner stores we were able to save a lot on our Mortgage and refurnish our home. The 90 minute introduction was the beginning of our savings. Thank you again for all your help.

The Baker family

March 5th 2012


Through Premium Buyer's Club, my husband and I were able to consolidate and refinance our debt a considerably better interest rate than we were previously paying. Going forward, we are in a much better financial position to do the things we want to do, not just the things we have to do. Thank you PBC for your recommendations and assistance. Your staff and associates were efficient and courteous and we look forward to doing

business with you for many years to come.

L & G Rodier

March 5th 2012


we joined the club and took advantage of their mortgage rates (lower rates). Their rate was even lower than they originally quoted me for. Plus they consolidated all my debts and saved us money. This is the first of their services/ products that we used. Looking forward to continue using their services.

M Mikolajczyk

February 17, 2012


Premium Buyers Club helped us see that our financial problems were manageable. It’s amazing how fast their actions were.

Now feeling relaxed, relived and proud to be members of the club.

T Teresi

Nov 10th 2011


I have a new found respect for Premium Buyers Club. Pina told me that she could get better rate for our mortgage than the banks would offer and she did. We were able to obtain a 5 year 2.15% mortgage saving us thousands in interest over the next 5 years.

When we first started looking for a new mortgage the bank would offer a 3.99%. Pina assured me that they (PBC) could do better than the banks would offer because of the volume buying. At first there were no "special" deals and I got discouraged. The pressure got to me and started to make me feel sick to my stomach. I couldn't sleep knowing that the entrance fee to PBC also had to be paid. I felt trapped and told Pina to forget the deal.

Pina challenged me with another broker and paid the first payment on the financed portion of the deal. She offered to make a second payment but didn't have to because she was able to arrange a mortgage that would cover any credit debts we had as well as our mortgage within 2 weeks.

The best part is the mortgage is through a major bank and not a private lender

Thanks Pina and Premiun Buyers Club for the special effort beyond the call of duty and the care you have shown when one gets discouraged.

R Mcansh

Oct 13, 2011


Hello, PBC Representative,

I just wanted to let you know that it has been just over one year with PBC and so far, we have not been disappointed.

Right from the get go, we used the financial services and had better results than we had hoped.

In addition, we are finally going on our long-planned trip.

Customer service has been extremely helpful in assisting us in customizing and booking as well as providing recommendations for our vacation over the past several months.

We look forward to our continued membership with PBC and enjoying years of vacations at a price that we can afford.

G and M Diaz

Oct 6, 2011


My husband and I both met with Chandra.  He is very knowlegable in his field and very easy too talk with.  Chandra was able to fix some of our insurance problems that we were very concerned about that no other insurance person was able to do this for us.

We are very pleased with the end results.  Thank you Chandra!

C Forbes

Sept 24, 2011


We have used the Financial Services offered through Premium Buyers Club and were very happy with the services provided.

The Mortgage specialist was patient and attentive to our needs and demands and responsive to our requests.

We will be meeting with the Financial Advisor shortly and look forward to a good working relationship.

Initially we were skeptical about PBC but now we are believers!!

V and E Richards June 1 2011


Thank you to Premium Buyers Club for referring us to the mortgage broker. She worked very hard to get us a great rate on our mortgage which resulted in our saving approximately $700 per month. We really appreciate this service which has been so beneficial to us.

J. Wilson – March 27 2011


We, Myron and Doreen Morris, would like to thank the friendly staff at the Premium Buyers Club at 6175 Highway #7 in Woodbridge, Ontario, for their patience and expertise in guiding us through our refinancing. Answering your call, and taking your advice, turned out to be very rewarding and beneficial to us. We would be very proud to recommend you to our family and friends. Once more Thanks again Premium Buyers Club.

Myron & Doreen Morris – March 22 2011


Your Mortgage specialist. I'm telling you she is the BEST of the BEST. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. When we found out that you guys offered lower interest rates that what we were enjoying, she contacted us to help us get the same thing and we directed her to our special Mortgage Lady in Burlington and she and our lady worked together and we were prepared to leave BMO for something but the mortgage broker worked steadily with our lady and managed to get the same rate for us and we were still about to stay with our lady thanks to the mortgage broker's help. She didn't care that we didn't go with her as long as she did the right thing for us. Now that's INTEGRITY and HONESTY.

She fought the good fight for US and got what is right for us and that's all she cared about. And now we are back in a similar situation with my Husband's job and she came to bat for us yet again and even though she had a plan to get us through this year for our mortgage, I backed out at the last minute she was thrilled that I was doing what I felt was right for us and she completely understood and stopped the procedure and told us to cancel the appraisal on our house right away, which we did and everything worked out great for us and she was thrilled for us.I'm telling you I just love the mortgage broker and I'm honoured to have her in my life.

S Braden - January 18, 2011


Nearly two years ago now we planned to get refinancing because we needed to get some work done in the house. Your company recommended the mortgage broker.

I want to say thank you for recommending her to us. We were very happy with her service to us.

the mortgage broker always maintained a professional attitude. She was always upbeat and positive. We were with her for over a year, from the time we first met with her until we actually had the work done, and the final cheque cut for our refinancing.

Since we were with her for over a year, we had an opportunity to see her often, and be in touch by email, fax, and phone.

the mortgage broker was available for her clients practically 24/7. Any time of the day or evening, even weekends, when we called her, she was available to help us. We never felt as if we called at an inconvenient time. If we left a message, even if she couldn't help us right away, she always acknowledged our call.

She was able to help us a lot because we would not know where to look for the best deals, etc., but she was knowledgeable about what was out there, and knew where to find the best prices. If she had inside information that interest rates would go up soon, and knew how much we could save by acting now, she did not hesitate to call us. With so much on her plate you would think that you could easily fall through the cracks, but not so with the mortgage broker. When you spoke to the mortgage broker you felt like you were the only client she had and you had her undivided attention. She was the best.

She should get a raise.

Thank you,

N Page – January 14th 2011


After joining Premium Buyers Club we decided to refinance our mortgage with the help of their financing services. Karen is definitely amazing. She is always positive, cheerful and professional. We are very grateful for all the time and energy she devoted in getting us over any hurdle that arose and getting us a fantastic mortgage rate. We are amazed at how much money we save each month. Thanks so much Karen.

M & C Joshi – Dec 2010


To Premium Buyers Club,

Thank you for taking the time. The experienced representatives were friendly and patient and helped me make an informed decision without pressure about becoming a member. I have already accessed the Financial Services that resulted in a significant savings to me with respect to re-doing my mortgage. I am anticipating using the other services shortly as I plan for a family vacation.

Thank you

J. Nielsen - August 31st 2010


Patsy and I are very happy and pleased with our reception and introduction into the Premium Buyers Club. The staff, apart from being very professional, were very informative and accommodating. However, special mention should be made of the mortgage specialist. She went over and above the call of duty to help us,and to put our minds at ease. We thank you very much for all you have done for us, and Patsy personally said that it seems like it is the beginning of a long union (smile). Once again, thank you very much for everything.

Yours truly,

David and Patsy U. - May/28/2009