Premium Buyers Club

Premium Buyers Club. Our program is designed as a one-stop shopping environment for all your travel, leisure, household and financial needs. Also included in your membership are: home renovations, major electronics, appliances, furniture and much more!


We also have access to thousands of resort accommodations available at exclusive member pricing: These resorts are per week and per group! All your other vacation needs will be supplied by a T.I.C.O. licensed Travel Alliance.


What is so unique about Premium Buyers Club? You and your family can take advantage of each product, service or program at your convenience for as long as your membership lasts: At home, in the car, on vacation - in fact just about anywhere. All you need is internet access. There's more!...With no limits and no time restrictions, use your member services as many times as you wish, throughout the year and from the comfort of your own home!


The next step is yours to take. Please feel free to browse our website. Discover a unique opportunity that will provide security for you and your family. Realize an opportunity for additional savings on products and services not accessible to the general public. It's a decision that will change your life for the better. Remember as you take these steps: Premium Buyers Club is making strides and meeting you halfway!


"We always have our members in mind!"


Enter to win. You may be contacted for an appointment where you will be able to make an informed decision and you will be awarded 1 of 5 prizes with no obligation but your time.



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Membership Kit now available for download in PDF Format.

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